This-Abled Dad


Browse through these handpicked columns I have written under my column, The “I” in Hemophilia for the news website, Hemophilia News Today. You can find a collection of all my columns here.

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I wrote this column as a response to the many issues teens and young adults face when looking for a life partner when you have a chronic illness. It highlights dating’s struggles, such as depression and loneliness and learning to appreciate love for oneself and gratitude for those who already love you.

Hemophilia care in the Philippines is clearly behind compared to our first-world contemporaries. This post tells the story of my diagnosis and its complications. It also aims to educate readers on the current status of care and treatment available in the Philippines.

Acceptance is difficult for PWDs to achieve. The barrage of demands of society forcing you to be “normal” is overwhelming. This leads to many PWDs to self-destructive thoughts and habits. I wrote this as a reminder to myself as well as everyone suffering from a disability to understand the importance of respecting limitations and how to still live your best regardless of having an illness.