This-Abled Dad

About Me

I’m Jared Formalejo. I’m a disability advocate with firsthand experience of what it’s like to live with a chronic illness.

I have both hemophilia and a seizure disorder, although I am not defined by these “limitations”. I’d like to think of myself as a gentle-hearted person with a deep desire to help others.

Though by craft I’m an entrepreneur, creative and instructional designer, my heart and energy is directed towards being a good father and husband for my family—which is my primary source of inspiration.


English Comprehension and Writing
Instructional Design
Integrated Marketing Communications
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Photoshop
Microsoft Excel
Adobe Lightroom


BS Management Major in Communications Technology Management, Minor in Enterprise Development

Ateneo De Manila University | 2011-2015

Out of the Office

  • Full Time Dad

    I take my job as a dad seriously. One of my favorite pastimes is simply playing with my daughter and spending time with my wife.

  • Cook

    I know my way around the kitchen. I particularly enjoy making Japanese, Chinese and Thai food.

  • Swimmer

    I'm a proficient swimmer with some experience teaching adults.

Jared Formalejo

Disability Advocate, Entrepreneur, Instructional Designer, Father, Husband and Writer

Work Experience

Borealis Crystals (JaCza Handicrafts Trading)

Co-Owner | 2018-Present

Borealis Crystals is my wife and I’s entrepreneurial venture into the jewelry industry. Being a couple managed store, we are responsible for all facets of the business, including but not limited to administrative work, operations management, marketing, communications, content development and social media management. Much of our experience as jewellers came from more seasoned individuals in the craft who were able to guide us through the nuances of the industry.

Hemophilia Philippines (HAPLOS Community) Foundation Inc.

Youth Member | 2016-Present

I participated in several youth leadership programs and training sessions. I was also sent as the Philippine delegate for the world congress of the World Federation of Hemophilia back in 2016 where I met many other youth leaders with hemophilia, as well as doctors and professionals involved in the hemophilia community. During my work in HAPLOS, I along with a team organize events for the organization’s members—most notably the group’s youth summer camp and get-togethers, where I also act as a moderator and swim instructor. We are also tasked to engage in advocacy work for the organization and spread hemophilia and bleeding disorder awareness (which this website is a part of). I am also the main developer of the organization’s official newsletter, the Hemophilink (refer to an early issue under my InDesign page).

Hemophilia News Today (BioNews Services, LLC)

Columnist | 2018-2020

Under my column, The “I” in Hemophilia, I wrote about my personal experiences, struggles and reflections as a hemophiliac. My column focuses mainly on hemophilia management, mental health issues faced by people with chronic illnesses as well as being a father and husband with a disability. Columns written for Hemophilia News Today typically consist of 400-800 word articles of well researched material that needs to be submitted and scrutinized by our superiors for approval.

Alchemy Education Solutions

Program Developer | 2017-2019 (still active under a project-based agreement)

Much of my growth as an instructional designer happened under the Alchemy Education Solutions where I worked as a program developer for its teacher training program, the Educator Empowerment Program. I was given the task to work on writing training content for public school teachers.

My research and writing focuses on pedagogical methods, motivational psychology, early childhood education and adult education. I was assigned to work on their Science, Math, School Health and a multi-part segment called Interesting Lessons Around the World which dealt with modern trends in education and teaching. Bulk of my writing focused on the latter where I was also able to improve upon the segment’s content by giving it an overarching theme of holistic education for students and teachers. All research done for content development was done online and the resources we used were mostly from general education websites as well as scientific and education journals and studies.

I was able to develop lessons through Microsoft Excel, using it as a tool to structure my lessons in a more organized and systematic manner. Though it was not needed, I also aided our head designer in laying out the lessons neatly via Adobe InDesign.

JG Manpower Services

Account Manager | 2015-2016

Under JG Manpower, I was given the responsibility to oversee the data of one of their clients. It was my role to record transactions between them and their clients and report it back to my supervisor. I was also able to develop a new system of organization for data management for the company using Microsoft Excel codes.