This-Abled Dad

Adobe InDesign Projects

Sharing some projects I’ve made in my free time using InDesign. Many of them are made during my free time for fun and some, while some have been used for official business. Feel free to browse!

Farmy Friends Toddler Busy-Board

This project was made during my free time while I was bedridden due to internal bleeding on my back. It’s a busy-board for toddlers that I will use to play with my daughter. I particularly enjoy making these projects since it taps into my inner child and it allows me to use my knowledge in early childhood education and instructional design. The board consists of simple toddler-friendly activities with colorful and adorable illustrations that are stimulating for a small child. It also includes cutouts to be used as puzzle pieces for each activity.

Body Buddies Toddler Busy-Board

Body Buddies is a slightly more advanced busy-board I made for toddlers with a body and science theme. This was also made during my free time. The activity set features more cute characters and illustrations with vibrant colors to pique a child’s interest. It’s an educational tool that I only hope will be enjoyable and effective for my child. Similar to other busy-boards I made, it also includes a collection of cut-out images for each activity.

Hemophilink - The official newsletter of Hemophilia Philippines (HAPLOS Community) Inc.

The Hemophilink is an ongoing collaboration I have with our local hemophilia foundation, Hemophilia Philippines (HAPLOS Community) Foundation Inc.  I along with a team contribute and write articles for this periodical. I along with my wife are its primary editors while I am responsible for laying out all the information and illustrations in a neat, 4-section pamphlet. The newsletter contains news about the organization, updates and an educational column for the members of the group (phone numers censored intentionally).

Borealis Crystals Official Ring Sizer

How do I get my ring size? Is among one of the most common inquiries we receive in our online jewelry store. In response to this concern of many of our clients, we decided to develop a personal ring sizing guide for their reference. It contains a step-by step guide on how to check for their sizes and dimensionally accurate samples on the side as well as a reference to a 1-peso coin making it a breeze for our clients to check out their size. This sizer is available for download on our website. So if you’re curious about your own size, look no further than our store.