This-Abled Dad

I’ve played multiple roles across my life. I’ve been son, student, PWD and advocate. Above all are my roles as father and spouse. My family plays a key role in my life. They’re my source of inspiration, strength and they’re the reason I’m here now.

Meet My Thoughts

Dig deeper into the mind of a PWD—or Person With Disability—and gain a deeper understanding of what it’s like to live with chronic illness

– Find insights and reflections about living life afflicted with chronic illness through stories about experience, coping and fatherhood with a disability

– Discover practical advice for PWDs, especially hemophiliacs for coping with mental health issues and improving one’s quality of life.

– Be an active participant in our pursuit to raise awareness and education about PWD issues.

Interested in Collaborating?

My door is always open for people willing to work with me towards achieving our goal of Advocating Disability Rights. You can reach me through my email and let’s work towards a brighter outlook for PWDs together.

Need Work Done?

If you’re in need of a writer specializing in technical, instructional and creative writing with an eager to please and follow attitude—I can be your guy! Check out my profile on or simply hit me up directly through email.