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Okonomiyaki is a very unique Japanese street food. It literally translates to “Whatever you like (Okonomi), Grilled (Yaki)” People created the dish as a means to eat cheap. Its primary ingredients are very accessible—cabbage and flour. The addition of more complex toppings such as the

Beef and broccoli stir-fry is a very popular Chinese take-out dish. My wife absolutely loves this recipe and often asks for it from me for a treat. This stir-fried dish is also very commonly served in high-end hotels across the Philippines, where I live. So

Katsu curry has two main components, the cutlet (katsu) and the curry rice. The flavorful meat of the cutlet covered with a crunchy layer of panko bread crumbs pairs perfectly with the taste of curry—it’s truly a match made in heaven. I absolutely adore Japanese

Yakisoba is a popular street food often served in okonomiyaki and takoyaki joints. It consists of ramen or wheat noodles slathered in a sweet-savory sauce topped with whatever you desire.  It’s a speedy dish and it’s very simple to follow. So ditch the instant packaged

As a PWD, I try to busy myself with hobbies and passions. With hemophilia, my most daring passion is to pursue peak physical fitness. For my seizure disorder, I also chase after a skill that many might consider taboo—cooking. I love food and I love

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– Find insights and reflections about living life afflicted with chronic illness through stories about experience, coping and fatherhood with a disability

– Discover practical advice for PWDs, especially hemophiliacs for coping with mental health issues and improving one’s quality of life.

– Be an active participant in our pursuit to raise awareness and education about PWD issues.

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