This-Abled Dad


I am Jared Formalejo. There are many things I can say about myself, but I’d like to firstly introduce myself as a proud father, committed husband and a PWD (person with disability) advocate with a burning desire for helping others and improving society, starting with my family.

I have a rare bleeding disorder called hemophilia. Hemophilia prevents my blood’s ability to clot, thus making me more prone to bleeding. I have written extensively regarding my condition in my column, The “I” in Hemophilia, found on Hemophilia News Today. I also suffer from a complex partial seizure disorder that makes me lose consciousness from time to time—making me a potential danger to myself especially when I’m alone.

My main objective in life is to serve as a beacon of hope to others, especially PWDs. I constantly challenge my physical limitations to prove to myself that persons with disability should not be defined by their limitation and the only limitation hindering them from success is the capacity of the human spirit. And it’s my family that gives me the strength and inspiration I need to do my best to achieve this.